Since 1969, AGRI-associates have specialized in seeking and recruiting highly qualified candidates for the needs of agribusiness firms both domestically and internationally.  Our network of executives, specialize in recruiting agribusiness professionals for various agribusiness positions.  Our experience and concentration in the many specialized segments of agribusiness have earned us the reputation for providing our employer-clients with especially suitable candidates for their consideration and employment.

AGRI-associates serve all segments of agribusiness.  International and domestic firms of all sizes retain us to evaluate, locate and recruit key personnel.  We serve firms engaged in grain, feed, seed, animal health, chemical, farm, livestock and biotechnological areas.  Most of our clients are involved with production, processing, marketing and trading of agricultural commodities and products.

Our efforts are to seek qualified candidates with personal attributes consistent with the client’s needs and objectives.  We then develop and execute an effective recruiting strategy designed to identify and recruit the best qualified candidates.  Our selection and recruiting procedures are unique.  This technique has enabled us to provide the effectiveness, which has become the hallmark of our firm.

AGRI-associates offices are located throughout the United States, enabling us to serve local, regional and national firms.  In addition, our international offices help serve the need of firms abroad. This network provides an expedient transfer of search and recruiting assignment information among all offices.  Contact with only one office is necessary to engage the services and input of the entire organization.

When we accept a recruiting assignment, all information is treated with absolute discretion.  We represent the best interest of the employer-client.  Contact  with prospective candidates is made with strict adherence to well-defined criteria and professional ethics.  Our discrete procedures protect both client and candidate.

All offices are staffed with professional agribusiness executives with both academic training and specific agribusiness experience.  This provides a useful insight to our clients and enables them to correctly assess their personnel needs from a results oriented perspective.  Accordingly, the candidates we recommend have specifically relevant training, experience and interests.  We recommend only the candidates with proper qualifications and personal attributes, suitable to our employer-clients needs.